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We are a metal plating company who specialize in silver plating, tin plating, copper plating, sulfamate nickel plating and electroless nickel plating. Located in Erie, PA, Quantum Plating Inc. has over 25 years of experience providing high quality metal plating services to companies both locally, as well as across the US and Europe.

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gold and copper plating

a metal plating company that meets your exact specifications

Quantum Plating Inc. was founded with the customer in mind. From design input to machining, plating to packaging, our trained personnel works with each customer and answers all questions to create the highest quality product and meet all specifications. We offer fast turnaround, while remaining environmentally conscious to provide the best customer service possible.

high volume plating orders, no matter the size

From the smallest electrical component, to large 1-ton castings, our metal plating company is flexible in handling any size order you need. With 15,000 sq feet of process space available, we have the space and experience to handle high volume requests, packaging and shipping across the US and abroad. Whether you have a single box of material, or a truckload, we offer custom packaging to keep product secure and safe when shipped. Ask us about our 24-hour service on orders.

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industries we have served

  • casting houses
  • automotive industry
  • telecommunications
  • oem electrical
  • stamping houses
  • air & gas industries
  • photographic industries
  • power generation & distribution
  • heavy equipment & hardware
  • lab & medical industries
  • computer & technology
  • lighting industries

casting houses

casting houses

automotive industry




oem electrical

oem electrical

stamping houses

stamping houses

air and gas

air & gas

photographic industries


power generation and distribution

power generation & distribution

heavy equipment and hardware

heavy equipment & hardware

lab and medical industries

lab & medical

computer and technology

computer & technology

lighting industries


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additional services we offer

Quantum Plating offers sandblasting, glass bead blasting, vibratory finish, and selective plating on parts meeting all military, automotive, and aerospace customers specifications. From small electronic parts to large castings, we can accommodate all your metal plating needs.

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