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Sulfamate & Electrolytic Nickel Plating Services

Contact Quantum Plating for reliable sulfamate nickel plating services. Also referred to as electrolytic nickel plating, sulfamate coatings are excellent selections as underplates for metals. Sulfamate nickel underplates are efficient diffusion barriers, preventing base material migration. Our sulfamate nickel plating services are recommended for use in casting and electronics, where ductility and solderability are required. It is available for most metals including stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and cast aluminum to all specs.

Sulfamate nickel plating options available:

Nickel Plating – Electrodeposited:
  • QQ-N-290
  • AMS 2403
  • ASTM-B689
Sulfamate Nickel Plating
  • MIL-P-27418

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Baking and Heat Treatments

Embrittlement Relief and other treatments are available upon request.

Available Testing, Measurements, and Certifications

Certifications are available when requested on Purchase Order. Finished goods will be returned in same containers they originally shipped in, unless otherwise mentioned on Purchase Order. Some of the options below may include a fee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

thickness measurements – X-ray Fluorescent tests, Eddy Current and Back Scatter test.
adhesion testing – Tape test, blend test, scribe test and thermal shock test.
corrosion testing – Salt spray, nitric acid and humidity steam.
solderability testing

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